Mythical Velebit MTB Adventure

Touching the Adriatic from above.

Nikola Tesla, one of the world's most renown inventors and minds was born in Croatia.

Albert Einstein when asked how it is to be known as the smartest person in the world, replied: "I don't know, ask Nikola Tesla".

Sauntering, we just love to spend as much time we have in the mountains.

Mountains are our sanctuary, and as John Muir coined, treasurers of our souls.

Why Einstein and Tesla, well Einstein rode his bicycle so he can think, and Tesla never managed to learn to ride a bicycle!

Nature is magical, it regenerates our body and our souls, but also gives an insight into how the world works. Nature inspired Tesla for many of his inventions, and thanks to his alternating current we're able to explore the vast wilderness of Velebit using our Giant e-bikes.

This will for sure give a totally new meaning of shreading the winding singletrack through pine forest ridgeline, with the views reaching all the way to Italy. Our range will give us wide variety of trails to ride, covering carts terrian and open plains along the longest 

Late Spring, summer and late autumn months are the perfect time of the year to enjoy fresh mountain air when average air temperature is between 20-25 degrees celsius. Off-days during the tour will be used to visit Plitvice lakes national park, take a swim in Kruscicko lake and also short visit to the coastline, taking a dip in the Adriatic.

Trails ridden will often take us close to the wild life areas where wolfes and bears live in large numbers as this is one of the 3 largest protected wildlife areas in the country. If we're lucky, a sighting from a distance will spice up the adventure and put an extra mark on this e-MTB adventure.

Campsites will be next to mountain lakes and on the Velebit ridgeline enabling us to enjoy unique night atmosphere under the star littered skyline.

Daily range ridden will be between 60-100 km. Velebit is Croatia's longest mountain range, encompasing 140 km of length gives us three geographical areas providing three different terrain experiences in close range.





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