Croatian Mountain Lakes and Rivers Stand Up Paddling Adventure

Carving the limestone.

Being one of the three richest countries in Europe with abundancy of clear water, Croatia really offers variety of opportunities for stand up paddling lovers.

From mountain lakes overloking the horizont to rivers that wind from the deep mainland very often all the way to the coast, we have hand picked a mix that will create a unique experience. This experience in the end will be topped with stand up paddling in the blue waters of Adriatic sea where some of the rivers end their flow bringing abundance of food and nutrients, puting that daily circle of life in front of our own eyes.

Starting from Kupa river bordering with Slovenia, we will start on slow waters to get into the flow and to enjoy the surroundings of lush oak and beach forests. Rich wildlife will be visible in the area, red deer, wild bore, bears and lynx all find their natural habitat alongside the river Kupa.

This area is also very rich in history and heritage as many Croatian nobelman families managed the area for centuries, building forts and castles along side the river banks.

From Kupa we will transfer our experience to the next leg of the tour and these are Lokvarsko lake and Sabljaci lake, located in the pine forests of Gorski kotar. Water is very calm and shores are interesting to explore, where we will have a great spot for camping right next to the bank of the Sabljaci lake. One of the first barbecues under the open sky will be arranged for dinner while crisp mountain air will spice up the evening.

Toward our next stop we will make a small detour to the village of Smiljan where Nikola Tesla was born. We're very proud of many of Tesla's inventions enabling our daily life to be much easier, from alternating current that powers our solar panels and batteries in the camer van, light bulbs, thew radio and many many other inventions that propelled humanity forward.

Next stop is the remote Kruscicko lake and river Lika, located in pure wilderness where bear sighting on the banks of the lake is almost a daily occurence. We will of course be spending nights in the Adria Coral XL camper van, but tents will always be available for the ones that want to be close to the shores of the lake.

For the ones into faster waters, they will be on their terrain on the next leg of our tour. The rivers Gacka and Cetina offer rapids of all sizes but we will tackle only the smallest and safest ones, pushing our adrenaline and opening our appetite for the evening dinner in the camp. These two river sessions will be broken with Perucko lake, a large open water area where the majestic Dinara mountain overlooks the lake. It will take your breath away, showing itself in full size with dramatical ridgeline covering it's full length.

Cetina river ends it's journey entering the Adriatic sea at Omis. We will have the last day for stan up paddling on the lower part of the river and paddling through the entramce into the sea. Our Adria Coral XL campsite will be right there on the Adriatic coast in Omis, enabling us to go through all the experiences, encompasing from mountains, lakes and rivers to the coastline and Adriatic sea. 

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