Croatian Coast MTB Island Hoping

Dramatic scenery with a seaside view.

Crispy clear spring or autumn air filling the inside of the camper inviting us to get onto next adventure. Maybe your guide has already gotten up and you can smell the fresh scrambled eggs, fresh buns and some goat cheese on the side pushing you to get up from the bed earlier then planned.

With air temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees celsius and with the low sun we will have plenty of time to catch the perfect tan but also that perfect singletrack winding along the stone walls of Croatian islands. Spring and autumn are just perfect timing to hit the islands and shread singletrack, the ones used as goat and donkey trails.

We will carefully be choosing spots for camping as we want every breakfast and after ride experience to be a unique one, while being fully immersed in the location. 

Dramatical scenery of Hvar can only be compared to the Pelješac ridgeline both of which we will ride on this tour. Surrounded by lavander fields on Hvar and Plavac mali vineyards on Peljesac, we will hop from one UNESCO sight to another, from oldest theatre in Europe to Ston, oldest sea salt fields dating from 15th century.

Evenings will be spent exploring the magnificent cities like Hvar, Korcula, Orebic, tasting local delicacies, immersing into native wine varieties or micro craft breweries, some of which are running right on these islands.

Adria Coral XL will be our base for the beggining of the day and also a safe escape in case of a rainy day while the Giant e-bikes will be charged to prep them for the next days leg.

Our off the grid platform with 320 W solar panels, and Honda generator is enabling us full independance for at least 5 days until fresh food and watter supplies will need to be sourced out.

Riding the old Napoleon road from Ston to Orebic and ending the day visiting old town of Korcula will bring us back into middle ages. Korcula is Marko Polo's birth place, from where he started his multiple journeys to teh east, creating Silk road, the road that turned him into one of the world's most famous travellers and explorers that connected the western world with the eastern world.

Daily range will be 60-100 km.




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